English Monsoon

Launching Newbury Show 2005

Lunching nfrom the Newbury Show Arena in 2005

Flying away from Newbury 2005

You can see what the weather was like in September 2005

Weather affects our balloon rides operation more than most businesses. So after six weeks of storms you would expect us to be ringing our hands and making sacrifices to the sun gods. LOL.

Don’t you remember when we were young the skies were bluer, the grass greener and summers were longer?

As an adult you may remember Cliff Richard singing in the rain at Wimbledon on 3rd July 1996. That terrible storm over Boscastle Cornwall 16th August 2004. The Thames flooding Oxford 25th July 2007. And the fact that every Barbeque party you ever tried to organise was washed out.

Fact is British so called summer time is actually our Monsoon Season. Can’t be you say because the word monsoon conjures up documentary images of weeks off torrential rain. But June, July August is just that. In between the rain it is still the only time of year when we Brit’s can get a suntan. That makes it our summer.

So why are we still laughing. Well we are not that ecstatic. LOL is just a txt expression my kids taught me. But our balloon rides rule still stands strong that is in any one year we will get 100 balloon rides away. It’s just impossible to say when those flights will happen.

Don’t get me wrong because I am a believer. Global warming is happening but its effect thus far on the UK is to generate more unstable weather. That is both the storms and droughts are more intense. But the dry, warm weather now arrives earlier (remember March 2012) and continues into October.

In past decades the Newbury Show during the first weekend of September was the end of the commercial “Balloon Circus” season. That is the advertising balloons flown through the summer “Fiesta” circuit. We can remember floating out of the Newbury arena underneath grey clouds and in abysmal visibility. See photo’s above of 18/09/2005.

Last year we were still flying customers on hot air balloon rides in the first week of October.

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