Open to ballooning

At the Golf Open Championship 2014 I had to adjust my view of professional golfers. We were there to tether the GOLFBOO balloon and had access to the professional aviation weather reports. On the 18th July nearby Liverpool Airport was showing 17 gusting 27knots which is over 32 miles per hour with heavy showers. But the golfers played on. A true test of their abilities.

Was it a surprise that Rory Mcllory was victorious. Being Irish I assume he grew up with wind and rain. But that’s probably a bit unfair because this was his third Major title and as we subsequently learnt not his last.

Those that know Merseyside airspace may ask what we were doing there. Which was our primary concern when GOLFBOO contacted us asking if we could display there Brand and Marketing Message at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club during the Open.

They wanted us to display morning and evenings as the public parked or collected there vehicles from the large official car parks. Both were approached from the same roundabout and they had access to a farmer’s field adjoining the junction.

After careful checking this field we found it sat between the Liverpool Airspace and the circular Notice to Airmen placed around the event to protect Helicopter traffic.

The result was a total of 18hours displaying to the Public over the four days from the 17th to the 20th July 2014. But unlike the Golfers we could not legally or physically handle the weather on the 18th. Hat’s off to them.

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