South Downs Christmas Hamper

Looking for a special Christmas gift? We can offer you the biggest Christmas hamper you have ever seen. OK it’s not one you extract goodies from. It is one you get in and fly on our hot air balloon rides over the South Downs.

There is no Christmas pudding but the pilots a bit of a fruit cake. How would he be otherwise having spent sixteen years launching into the air not knowing which way the wind will take him or where he is going to make his landing. An unusual but exiting occupation.

No Stilton in the basket but the jokes are pretty cheesy. “You are welcome to make a last phone call to family and friends but then please switch off your mobiles before getting into the basket”. It’s the word “last” that people react to. A bit unfair as most passengers are apprehensive about their forthcoming hot air balloon flight. But laughter helps to calm the nerves. Switching off the mobile is a legal thing. Modern ones have flight mode.

Chutneys, pickles and other preservatives may be missing. But the memories of the view’s, peace, tranquillity and sheer elation of floating through the sky will be preserved for life on the mind of anyone that dares to travel on hot air balloon flights.

A nice bottle of Port is no where to be seen but everyone gets a glass of Champagne at the end of their balloon ride. And the bottle of spirit goes to the farmer.

Hot air balloon rides are on most peoples “bucket list”. A present they would love to receive and at our Christmas offer price of £85 for weekday morning hot air balloon flights are no more expensive than a good quality Christmas hamper.

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