Basket assembly

Before customers arrive for their hot air balloon ride the crew assemble the basket. Photo Steve Roake

safety briefing

Once our passengers have arrived we run through a safety briefing.

Crown line

During inflation our crew control the envelope by means of the crown line. Photo Steve Roake

Beginning the hot inflation

The pilot asks the helpers to step asside and then begins the hot inflation

balloon in flight

As the balloon stands upright our passengers can begin boarding. Photo Bob Garnett

Passengers loading

There is no elegant way into a balloon basket but there are steps cut into the sides. Photo Steve Roake

Passengers loading

Once we are loaded the flight can begin. Photo Celia

Passengers loading

Now you are away on your hot air balloon flight. See our launch site pages for the views. Photo Steve Roake

Passengers in basket

Happy customers after their amazing flight

Passengers in basket

We also offer VIP exclusive flights for two