Hot air balloon rides as a novel experience during your corporate event

Companies countrywide, from all over the UK send their employees to the South Coast and surrounding areas for corporate events. It may be a sales meeting, training exercise or team building experience. Why not add a balloon ride to the mix.

We accept that you probably have only one afternoon available. Our approach is to organise that slot exclusively for eight passengers. If the weather is not obliging and we do not fly your staff there will only be a small administration charge for our time.

The business gift of a hot air balloon flight

How better to reward your staff for dedicating their time and energy to your company than to offer the gift of balloon rides for all. The traditional way of course was to have a free bar. But as hot air ballooning is an early evening exercise that can come after the flight. Please not before as we operate within the legal framework of all airlines in that we cannot fly obviously inebriated passengers.

Hot air balloon rides as a corporate team building experience

Out of a sample of ten individuals up to half of those will be scared by the thought of a balloon flight. But surrounded by their compatriots will they admit it. How will thy deal with the stress. Hot air ballooning rides offers an interesting exercise in team building.

Photograph of our West Meon launch site

Corporate event organisers can add balloon rides to their portfolio of activities.

These bookings have come direct from the company when the business is local. But more often from the local event organiser if the team is travelling some distance. We offer the same terms and conditions to either party.