Personal hot air balloon rides gift for family and friends

There has never been a better time to choose a hot air balloon ride as a gift. The combination of competition and larger balloons able to carry more passengers has combined to lower the prices. Despite increased fuel and insurance costs it is now cheaper to purchase a balloon flights as a gift than it was a decade ago.

A romantic balloon flight the perfect present to share with your partner

A large proportion of hot air balloon rides tickets are purchased as a gift to share with a loved one. Either as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present. In our balloon you will usually travel with three like minded couples enjoying their celebration. And having experienced the sheer exhilaration of floating through the sky you can toast your partner and new found friends with a glass of champagne.

Thank the parents with the gift they always wanted a hot air balloon ride

A surprising number of couples that travel with us have been given their balloon flight by their children. This as a thank you for a great upbringing and in some cases funding them through University. Of course they wait until they have the income from their resultant good job. We guess having heard their parents talking of how magnificent it must be every time they spotted a hot air balloon in the sky it is an obvious choice.

Aviation enthusiasts can experience a hot air balloon flight

For those who are simply interested in all forms of flight. You may have flown fixed wing, in a glider and even a helicopter but there is no purer form of flight than to ride in a hot air balloon. Remember it was in a hot air balloon that humankind first took to the air.

View of the Heath, Petersfield

Hot air balloon rides are not just for couples singles fly too

Just because it is only one of a couple or an individual who wants to fly in a hot air balloon does not mean they have to miss out. We rely on single bookings to make up the numbers on most flights. It maybe something Grandma or Granddad always wanted to do. Or as a retirement gift or thank you present.