Hot air balloon rides over the South Downs

From spring to autumn our hot air rides balloon flies just after dawn and before sunset when the winds are light and stable. You can purchase a open dated balloon ride voucher for single or couples online. Call us if you wish to arrange a VIP balloon flight for 2.

Central balloon flights over the South Downs

Our hot air balloon rides are in two areas the Hampshire Sussex border from Chichester, West Meon, Petersfield, Fernhurst or Farnham dependant on which site we can safely fly from given the wind speed and direction on the day. For West Sussex we choose between launch sites at Brighton, Duncton, Worthing or Cowfold.

Photographs of our four balloons

London hot air balloon rides

You can travel from London to most of these sites in just one hour using the A3 or M3 and then cutting through from Aldershot at Junction3.

Photograph of our balloon launching from Midhurst

Why should you take your hot air balloon flight with South Downs ballooning?

National hot air balloon rides operators have large marketing budgets and attract a great deal of attention. Some do not offer exclusive two passenger flights at all. Most will accept larger charter flights. Not all hot air balloon flights get away on the first date booked and the Nationals have generated for themselves a large backlog. As a result they may not have re-bookings available for months. Continue to Questions...