Brighton hot air balloon launch site

This site is part of our West Sussex area and is usually used when the wind is from the South West. The alternative sites are at Cowfold, Duncton or Worthing

Brighton launch site is at the top of the town in front of Stanmer house in Stanmer Park. The views as we launch our hot air balloon over the town and adjoining Seven Sisters plus the English Channel are amazing.

Access to Stanmer Park is off the top of the A270 as you leave town. There is no direct junction from the A27. Please do not use the Stanmer House BN1 9QA car parks. Drive past the house, around the one way system and use the Church car park. Then walk across the field to join us.

How much does a balloon flight cost?

View from the air of our Stanmer Park launch site

Our Brighton launch site in front of Stanmer House BN1 9QA, Stanmer Park seen from the air just after take off

Brighton hot air balloon rides launch siteB= balloon launch site: At Stanmer Park, Brighton BN1 9QA