Balloon flight West Sussex

In West Sussex we utilise four possible balloon launch sites. These are at Brighton, Duncton, Worthing or Cowfold. The actual launch site is chosen by us on the day dependant on wind direction and speed.

From any of these hot air rides sites you will have a magnificent view of the rolling hills of the South Downs National Park and the sea beyond.

In West Sussex we are restricted by Gatwick Airspace to the north, the English Channel to the south and Shoreham Airfield Airspace. The prevailing winds used to be from the South West but in recent years have become less predictable. Whether this is as a result of Global Warming we are not qualified to say.

Our aim is to conduct a safe and enjoyable hot air balloon flight with views of the South Downs without the annoyance of having to postpone flights on a perfectly flyable day because the wind direction is wrong for a given launch site.

West Sussex hot air balloon rides launch siteB=Balloon launch sites: For West Sussex we have launch sites in Brighton, Worthing, Duncton and Cowfold. Chichester and Fernhurst are in the Hampshire Sussex border area.