Balloon flight Wisborough Green

Wisborough Green is the location for the well known annual charity balloon launch. In 2017 it is on Sunday 3rd September. Evening meet time is about 5:00pm. Twenty odd balloons launch with donors from the village green. The nominated charity is Chestnut Tree House - a hospice for children. We will be flying passengers for them.

During the rest of the season our launch site is at the front of The Bat and Ball to the North of the village. And if your local go try out the new owners food and Ale.

We had introduced this launch site as a twin with Worthing. When the weather is good but the wind was from the North rather than disappointing our customers we moved the flight to this launch site and fly back towards the coast.

In either event with its close proximity to Gatwick Airport we need a favourable wind to launch from here.

How much does a balloon flight cost?

View of Wisborough Greens annual charity flight

View of Wisborough Greens annual charity flight.

Wisborough Green hot air balloon rides launch siteB=Balloon launch site: Field in front of The Bat and Ball, Newpound Lane, Wisborough Green RH14 0EH